Air France Travel Insurance

Pay less when cancelling your flight

Need to cancel or modify your flight due to unforeseen events? With the Cancellation/Modification – Missed Flight insurance policy, Allianz will reimburse all cancellation and modification fees or the non-refundable portion of your ticket*, as well as all extra options purchased before and after booking.

Please note: to make sure your cancellation fees are reimbursed, you must inform Air France and Allianz of any changes in your plans before your trip´s departure date.

The policy covers you in case of:
  • illness or accident affecting you or a member of your family,
  • a family event (death of a family member, interview for an adoption, etc.),
  • terrorist attacks in your destination,
  • professional alterations (dismissal, new job, modification of paid vacation dates by your employer),
  • theft of your ID or passport up to 48 hours before departure,
  • etc.
If you cancel your departure flight, you must first inform Air France. Then, you must inform Allianz by phone or online within 5 days of the event leading to the cancellation.

Miss your flight, not your trip

Missed your flight? Cancellation/Modification – Missed Flight insurance covers:
  • the price of a new departure and/or return flight* for the same destination for a departure within 24 hours after your original flight,
  • any modification fees.
Please note: we strongly recommend you take all necessary measures to arrive at the airport before your flight´s Check-In Deadline!

Please remember that you should inform Mondial Assurance immediately in case of a missed flight.

How to subscribe

Remember to take out Cancellation/Modification – Missed Flight insurance when you book your ticket online, at a ticket office or by phone.
For your convenience, this insurance is now offered systematically for all online bookings.

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