Refunds on tickets, options or other services... Here's everything you need to know! Requesting a refund online is quick and easy, and saves you time.
Please note: if you bought your tickets or paid options anywhere other than directly from Air France (at a travel agency, for example) please contact the point of sale directly to request your refund.
Go to the Your bookings section of the website. You can submit a refund request for a ticket, except Flying Blue Award tickets, if:

  • you bought your ticket at least 2 days and up to 12 months ago,
  • you have not received your boarding pass.
If a refund is not already proposed to you in the Your Bookings section of the website, please complete the refund claim form below.
Please note: If your booking file contains more than 1 person, the refund request will apply to all the tickets.
The refund amount is calculated according to the ticket fare conditions (excluding service fees which are non-refundable).
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