Museum of French Guianese Culture: a historical witness

Museum of French Guianese Culture: a historical witness

A spectacular collection of ethnographic objects from the many peoples who built French Guiana, from the first Native American settlements to the recent immigration of Hmong and Haitians.

In 2010, in cooperation with French Guiana, two other cities and their countries Belem and Brazil; Paramaribo and Surinam joined forces to create a network of Amazon museums. Established in 1995 and housed in a renovated creole house downtown, this museum has the label ‘Musée de France'. Its rich collections reflect the cultural diversity of French Guiana, with Native American and colonial archaeology departments, iconographic and historical collections, and sound and documentary archives.

Because of a lack of space, the rue Madame Payé accommodates the two annexes. The first is at No. 54, a reconstruction of an old creole house that belonged to Herménégilde Tell, Félix Éboué's father-in-law. The second, at 78, is dedicated to temporary exhibitions and has a documentation centre specialised in the cultures, ethnic groups, and traditional societies of the Guiana Shield.

Musée des Cultures Guyanaises
54-78, rue Madame-Payé
Cayenne 97300

+594 (0)5 94 31 41 72