Family excursion at the Zoo de Guyane

Family excursion at the Zoo de Guyane

A zoo for endangered species drawn from the more than 450 animals native to French Guiana.

With its zoological park, tropical greenhouses, botanical gardens, and great children's playground, there's so much to see and do here. Best to get up early to walk up those marked paths, not just to fit everything in but to beat the heat! The zoo houses 450 animals drawn from 75 different species, all in their natural habitats, sometimes in semi-freedom. The signage will bring you up to speed on all the essential elements of their ways of life, eating habits, and breeding rituals.

Among the many sights; gigantic boas asleep in the treetops; squabbling families of howler monkeys, whose cry is the most powerful of all terrestrial mammals; and four species of the black caiman, endangered due to intensive poaching. A special space is reserved for these and other crocodiles, and the aviary rustles with multi-coloured beauties, like macaws, toucans, parakeets, and ibis. Children will have great fun testing their courage on the tree-canopy rope course.

Zoo de Guyane
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